John Stout

“I started swimming from a very early age after it was recommended due to temporary paralysis caused by an allergic reaction to a vaccine. My swimming career took me from Atherton SC to Tyldesley SC and then an 8 year membership of Wigan Wasps who were unrivalled as the best club in that particular era when 5 members went to the Moscow Olympics in 1980 and then 8 to the LA Olympics 1984. I was involved in other sports up to the age of 12 and had county trials for Rugby League and was a Brown Belt at Karate which I had to give up due to persistent knee problems and the need to focus on swimming which was becoming my obvious talent.


As a swimmer, I was National Champion for my age several times for the 200m Butterfly and also made finals in the 400m Freestyle, 400m IM and 100m Butterfly. I retired at 17 which still remains a regret as those who used to finsh behind me at nationals went on to gain Olympic selection. I represented the England Youth Team from 1985 – 1986 and also captained Lancashire in 1986.


After finishing swimming, I took my teaching qualifications and started working as a teacher/lifeguard at Wigan facilities and a private shcool in Bolton. I also worked on School Holiday and Ativity programmes coaching other sports whilst also coaching for Keith Bewley back at the Wasps. I continued this pattern whilst doing a degree in Leisure Management in Sheffield. Jobs were scarce after graduation so my best bet for a job was something I was expereienced in and qualified to do. I moved away form home to Cardiff SC and City Council, starting a full time Swimming Development and Coaching role as assistant to Dave Haller. In this time, I coached 14 National Medallists, 4 National Champions, 4 GB Junior Swimmers and developed the early career of Olympic Medallist David Davies up to 15 years.


After 9 years and many happy memories in Cardiff, I moved to Bristol as Head Coach and had a very successful spell coaching Chris Cozens and Karen Lee who became European Junior Medallists and Senior National Champions. I have been fortunate to work with the 2 most exceptional coaches in British Swimming history who have both coached Olympic Medallists and this has been invaluable expoerience in developing my own coaching philosophy.


Times have changed in modern swimming and my focus is very much on nurturing and developing home-grown swimmers. As a coach, there is no better achievement than having the local swimmer in armbands go all the way to the top. Working in Salford’s 25m pools is a superior coaching environment for developing starts, turns, technique, speed and these are at the forefront of my development philosophy. Other important considerations are to avoiud early burnout and be mindful of invididual biological development – many great swimmers arrive post 18 years. It is also imporatant to realise that Britain’s Swimming World Record Holders [Liam Tancock, Jo Jackson & Rebecca Adlington] all trained in 25m pools up to the age of 18 and Rebecca still does.


Many UK programmes rely on getting their swimmers fitter than the opposition with high training volumes and philosophies that centre upon ‘the cream rising to the top’. Salford is about developing athletes for the long term and doing things differently to suit different individuals. We try to programme training around ‘family, education and friends time’ over 5 days rather than 6, whichis again unique to Salford and I believe serves to add longevity to the careers of our swimmers.


The message to my staff is to develop technique, speed, kick, starts, turns and then add endurance/ With strong land conditioning programmes to develop athleticism and promoting great attitude, commitment and application – this is how we produce champions in Salford and prepare them for their future with important life skills developed within the programme.


Salford is a special place for swimmers and 17 Internationals since my arrival in 2001, along with a great history of success back to our inception in 1977 bare testimony to what an outstanding training programme and legacy we have.”

Danielle Naylor

I started to swim at the very young age of 6 months. I was first introduced to the water at a mothers and babies session at Broughton pool, moving on from there I started to have lessons in Salford where I first swam 200 metres at the age of 3. I continued with my lessons and swimming for local club Swinton ASC which resulted in a trial for City of Salford swimming club at the age of 6. It was then I joined the competitive scheme alongside my brothers.  I swam in the scheme for 12 years.

As a younger swimmer I was never the best, the strongest or most successful which at times was frustrating but with the help and guidance of great coaches (Joyce Turner, Lynn Close, Aggie Calderbank, Bob Symmonds, Pete McGowan and John Stout) and sheer determination and hard work I progressed through the scheme to reach my goals and beyond. I managed to pick up a number of Regional and County medals and titles. For 4 years I qualified for Nationals in 8 different events and competed in a number of National finals as well as open water events. In 2007 I was selected for the England Talent AASE programme.  I swam for the Division 7 ESSA team, where from there I was selected to swim for England. In 2009 I was also selected to represent Great Britain in an Open Water series event in France. At the age of 18 I decided to spread my wings and move to America for 4 years as I had been offered a 100% scholarship to swim at Old Dominion University a Division 1 team in Virginia, USA. Although I moved to America to swim and attend University, I always returned to Salford to train and work with younger swimmers whenever I was home. I produced top times for my University and placed top 8 in my events, I also captained my American team for 2 years (my Junior & Senior year) which was a great honour.

In 2013 I finished off my competitive swimming career spanning 16 years. I completed my Bachelor of Science degree in Physical Education with a concentration of teaching and moved back home to Salford. I then returned home to work at local Salford Primary Schools delivering curriculum PE to ages 5-11 for 4 years.

I started coaching at Salford in 2015 so I am now in my 7th year of coaching. In this time I have coached a number of County and Regional qualifiers and medallists as well as National qualifiers and National Open Water medallists. Over the past few years I myself as a coach have been selected as Head Coach for the Lancashire County Camp and as a Skills Coach on multiple Regional and National Development Camps where I have had the opportunity to work with other swimmers and coaches across the country.

My main goals as a coach in the hope to pass on my knowledge and experiences to create a new generation of successful, determined, hard working, passionate swimmers within Salford.


Dan Austin

I started swimming when I was two and joined Flixton swim team when I was seven. From Flixton I moved on to Swim Trafford where I swam for 3 years, reaching counties twice. After my coach left Swim Trafford I moved to Salford and joined P2 with Adam. At this point I was 13 and far from being the fastest or the fittest swimmer. I needed to spend a lot of time with my coaches, working on my technique for all strokes in order to reach the same high standard as the rest of the swimmers at Salford. I was a backstroke swimmer and reached regionals in my first year with the club, however I knew that I had the potential to do much better and the next year my relay team got to Nationals. This really pushed me to continue to improve.

The next year I worked extremely hard in both the pool and the gym, and I managed to get to British Championships for the first time for my 50 free. I also made Nationals for the next 2 years and was lucky enough to make it to the national finals for the Arena League. My peak came at the age of 18 when I attended British Championships, here I narrowly missed the finals in the 50-fly, coming 9thplace. This marked the end of my career with Salford as I moved off to the University of Liverpool.

In Liverpool I swam for the university team throughout my first year and ended up narrowly missing out on the BUCS finals. In my second year I decided that it was time to hang up the trunks, however I did not want to leave swimming behind so volunteered at the university as a temporary coach. This ‘temporary’ position soon ignited my love of coaching, and 3 months into the role I was hired as head coach. John was always there to offer me advice throughout my time at university, and when I graduated in 2020 he was the first person I talked to about making coaching my career. His guidance has allowed me to reach where I am today, and has enabled me to continue to pass on knowledge to future generations of swimmers.

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COSSC are a nationally recognised performance club based in Salford. We nurture young talent from post Learn to Swim to the National and International podium. In conjunction with Salford Community Leisure’s Competitive Training Scheme, we offer every swimmer the chance to maximise their potential in the pool.

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Following on from our successful Summer Meet, City of Salford and our good friends Bolton Metro Swim Squad, would like to invite swimmers to attend our joint Summer Sprint Meet on Sunday 17th July 2022 which will be hosted at Broughton Leisure Centre, Great Cheetham St West, Salford, M7 2DN BMSS and CoS Draft Entries 2 Sprint
For swimmers who may have just missed out on getting invited to summer Nationals, After the Welsh invites have been accepted, Swim Wales open their gala up as an open event to fill up any remaining places. Once entries open it is first come first served and self entry.  This gala runs at a similar
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